Snow blowing in London ON
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Booking early for commercial snow removal ensures you’ll be given the necessary time for your snow removal requirements, and your property can be assessed before the snow comes. Snow removal companies plan their residential and commercial client season based on hours and client location; many are booked by October 1st. 

Book your commercial snow removal services early so you’ll have the availability of our various machines at the hours you choose.

Evaluation of your property is best done before the snow flies so that everything is easily viewed, a plan can be made, and any safety hazards can be noted.

London Snowplow & Landscape is a diligent local commercial snow removal company with all the equipment to make your winter snow removal needs trouble-free. With a varied clientele, from those with 35 acred parking lots to residential driveways in busy areas, our dedication to snow plowing, salting, and ice prevention has been our wintery, snow-blasting work since 2016.

Commercial properties have necessary safety requirements for their staff and customers; consistency of snow and ice services is crucial.

Salting, sidewalk clearing, and ice control are high on the list of must-do’s of our commercial clients, and so we employ three different types of salt depending on the weather conditions and the area being salted.

Pet and environment-friendly salt is our most popular request for condominium and apartment entries. Our brine solution as a pretreatment prevents snow from bonding strongly to your parking lot surface. 

Have you considered snow relocation services during a season of heavy snowfalls? It is often the safest and financially beneficial choice. Remove a growing pile of snow to the back of a property or the end of a parking lot so that mounds cannot pose a driving risk. 

Contact Dennis online or call him at (519) 619 0495 with your winter snow removal requirements.

We are equally dedicated to our residential customers. As an independant business, our client list fills quickly, so please contact us as soon as possible to book your winter snow removal services.

The City of London’s winter maintenance services clear sidewalks and city streets in London, Ontario. Would you like to know which streets are given first area priority for snow clearing in London?

See the page and scroll to Snow Clearing in The City to see the Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 streets.

You may require snow removal for your residential driveway or pathways if you do not have time or cannot shovel or blow snow. We provide the same ice preventative pretreatment and environmental and pet-friendly salt JET BLUE ICE FIGHTER for our residential clients as we do for our commercial contracts.

What if London Snowplow & Landscape or another contractor cannot accommodate you? Which ice-met should you buy?

Use as an environmentally-safe, de-icer pretreatment as you can find:
London Snowplow & Landscape believes in a locally made, 100% environmentally safe de-icer, JET BLUE ICE FIGHTER. We do not receive any money for this promotion; we want to protect the environment, waterways, your pet’s feet, vehicles, and our client’s properties. (If airports use it, it must work). It melts snow and ice to temperatures of -32C (or -26F)

If purchasing your own brine/salting pretreatment, ensure it is made with Magnesium Chloride, which puts out 40% less chloride than rock salt or calcium chloride. 

It absorbs moisture, turning it into a brine. This brine, in turn, melts snow and ice that touches it. It is effective to temperatures of -25C (or -13F).

Don’t miss next month’s blog article, Tips From a Snow Removal Company – How to Combat Snow and Ice on Your Own. 

Don’t leave your decision to sign up for a snow services contract until it’s too late. We’re here to help you throughout the winter and all year round with our summer landscape services. Read our article, Two Questions You Should Ask a Lawn Maintenance Contractor.

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