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Whether you have a commercial property, condominium, or residential yard, you should know two things to ask a potential lawn care company in London, Ontario, and the surrounding area.
Questions about their experience and specific services will direct you to the company that will suit your needs. 

London Snowplow & Landscape is a multi-service, multi-season company created out of a love of helping people with their array of outdoor projects.

Dennis Leonhardt started London Snowplow & Landscape in 2016, but before owning his own business, he spent his influential days pouring concrete, snowplowing, and providing commercial lawn care. And all those years of skills and busyness morphed into a business, his client-first, multi-service, spring, summer, fall, and winter company that today boasts numerously satisfied, longtime clients.

What should you expect from a lawn maintenance company?
 There are many lawn maintenance contractors in the London, Ontario, area. So how do you decide? There are two easy questions that you can ask, and the first one is about their company and staff:

1) How many years has the company been in business, and are current staff new to it or have they been with it for a long time?

Experience in any job means efficient work and fewer mistakes. It’s OK to ask how long they’ve been in business. Then, if you love their work, they will likely be around next year to continue providing services. 

How long has the employee who’ll be taking care of your lawn been performing lawn care? The answer will allow a conversation where you’ll get to know the owner and how much training is provided.

Who can they talk to with any concerns; will it be office staff, or can you speak with the owner?

2) What lawn maintenance services do they offer?

Each company has a list of services based on its specialties and preferences, so make sure you choose a company with options you’ll use. Compare residential or commercial lawn care companies to know how one lawn care program differs from others. 

If you are looking for a residential lawn care service, how safe are the products for children, pets, and wildlife? Do they do a lot of spraying or only when required?

London Snowplow & Landscape summer services include:

London Snowplow & Landscape winter services include:

Summer services:


Pressure-treated wood is still the most common product used for fencing; the preservative process has been championed for decades, proven to be the product for long-lasting fencing and having the best value for your money. We regularly travel for our clients’ outdoor projects whether you live in the London, St. Thomas, Strathroy, or Woodstock areas.

Interlocking driveways and walkways:

Is an interlocking driveway worth it? Interlocking stone is a beautiful product that serves your home or commercial property for decades to come when done right. If you value curb appeal and increased property value, interlocking stone driveways and their spin-offs, walkways and patios are the perfect design choice for you. We help you choose the style and advise on your project’s scope to suit your budget.

Wood decks:

Warm decks are where we retreat all summer long with our friends and family to share meals, sunsets, and stories. At London Snowplow & Landscape we often hear that our company is easy to work with, and we will always try to accommodate your wishes. While most of our clients request the ever-popular pressure-treated wood (75%), cedar and composite lumber are used if you prefer. 

Concrete patios, hot tub, and shed pads:

Dennis’s roots, luckily not his boots, are in concrete. Our crew enjoys the pour-process behind concrete pad or slab construction and we have a long list of happy clients with sheds, patios, spas, and hot tubs to prove it. We travel anywhere between London, St. Thomas, Strathroy, and Woodstock. Call early, and we’ll do our best to hit your required date of concrete slab installation.

Retaining walls:

Retaining walls have to exhibit essential reliability while also being well designed to fit in with your existing driveway, back deck, walkway, or patio. Their installation should be given to someone who has experience with retaining wall construction. Put an end to erosion and awkward lawn mowing of a backyard slope; retaining walls are low maintenance and highly functional, redefining an upper soil area as usable. A retaining wall’s durability and unique beauty never fail to enhance overall property value.

Winter services:

Commercial snow removal:

There are practical advantages to hiring a professional snow removal company for your commercial property. You’ll never have to worry again about your parking lot being cleared properly for customers and employees: experienced snow-removalists spend the season tracking winter weather, pre-applying salt brine when possible for clearer surfaces. Your business can carry on as usual. All the right equipment is in full force with plows, sidewalk machines, and salt trucks. We provide snow relocation services as the season dictates.

Residential snow removal:

We are lucky to live in a country with four unique seasons; for the most part, we embrace our snowy winters. However, it is a major inconvenience when it snows a lot, and you need to get out of your driveway. London Snowplow & Landscape has provided exceptional residential snow clearing in London, Ontario since 2016 with all the proper equipment for the season.

Sustainable salting services:

London Snowplow & Landscape is proud to use pet-safe and environmentally friendly organic salt, Canadian-made Jet Blue de-icer. Trusted by commercial airports and our Canadian military bases, it solves the dangers of winter ice underfoot while helping to protect our environment. Ask for it when you set up your snow-removal service account with us.

We also apply salt brine as a pre-treatment and limit our use of rock salt for extreme cases.

According to Canada’s Sustainable Technologies, results of a five-year assessment by Environment Canada in 2001 ascertained rock salt is causing morbid effects on aquatic life, and damaging effects on drinking water, soil, vegetation, and trees. It corrodes roads, bridges, and even underground utilities. 

Snow relocation:

A range of winter snow services should include snow relocation. As the season progresses large piles of snow make it dangerous for drivers to visually navigate your parking lot. We keep trucks on hand for snow relocation to make sure your customers and staff are always taken care of in the safest manner. Do you live in a tight residential neighbourhood? We are happy to be of service to help everyone stay safe.

Walkway and sidewalk clearing:

The City of London’s snow removal contracts provides a basic service to ensure access to our city sidewalks. However, homeowners’ and property owners’ legal responsibility is to keep private and public driveways, walkways, ramps, landings, and steps, cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours after a snowfall ends. 

Providing safe access for residential and commercial properties, and condominiums by means of walkway and sidewalk clearing and salting is a crucial part of winter snow removal services.


Is there anything better than Canada’s four seasons of weather and the varied activities and projects the seasons offer? Find a contractor that bridges those months and you’ve saved money and more time for relaxation during all the seasons.

Call or contact London Snowplow & Landscape any time of the year.

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