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Depending on your needs, we apply three different salts for our commercial and residential winter clients:

Brine Solution – Brine, a water solution infused with salt, is used as a snowfall pretreatment. The water evaporates leaving an expansive layer of thin salt that prevents snow from bonding to a surface. Drive and walks areas are infinity safer, and brine serve as an environmentally safe solution for our precious waterways and aquatic life. Brine usage is also the most financially friendly salting application.

Rock Salt – If the timeframe for brine applications is missed, hard-hitting rock salt (sodium chloride) is the solution for your commercial and residential entrances, sidewalks, and walkways. However, its use can damage the environment, concrete, vegetation, and animals’ paws. It is also the most costly of the salting options.

Pet Safe and Environmentally Friendly Salt – London Snowplow & Landscape are proud to support Canadian-made, pet and environmentally friendly (71% less corrosive than road salt) Jet Blue de-icer. It is made of organic salts, polyols, and bio-additives. It is highly effective, being used by commercial airports and military bases.

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