Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial parking lot snow removal is a job for experienced snowplow experts. With people’s safety as the highest priority, skilled abilities are essential for commercial parking lot plowing.

Since 2016, London Snowplow & Landscape has built an excellent reputation as a professional commercial snow removal company in London, Ontario. We know how important it is to put your cleanest parking lot forward for your customers and staff.

Ice and snow are expertly removed. We salt walkways and sidewalks and relocate snow to ensure your commercial parking lot is safe and fully accessible.

Snow Removal


How much does snow removal cost in London, ON?

Residential and commercial snow removal services need two very different determinations regarding cost. Commercial snow removal sometimes requires a layered contract with salting services, snow relocation or removal services, and sidewalk clearing, and it will depend on the size of the parking lot and the frequency of its necessary commercial snow removal.

What’s the difference between commercial snow plowing and commercial snow removal?

The size of a commercial parking lot may allow several areas where snow can be pushed or stored during the commercial snowplowing season. Snowplowing refers to pushing the snow off a parking lot as a growing hill of snow somewhere near the side or back of a client’s parking lot.
If the parking lot is of limited size or heavy snowfall has been experienced, commercial snow removal involves lifting it and trucking the snow away from the commercial site a few times a season.

What equipment is needed for snow removal?

When you’ve requested London Snowplow & Landscape’s commercial snow removal services, we quickly take care of your snowplowing, salting, and snow relocation needs. Snow removal equipment includes snowblowers, salters, dump trucks, sidewalk snow machines, and snowplows.

Can I write off snow removal?

If your home contains your business office and you can prove that clients visit you at your home office, then yes, you can write off a portion of the snowplowing bill. Commercial snowplowing invoices can be 100% written off as a business expense.

Do snow removal companies provide ice removal and salting services?

A commercial snow removal company provides ice removal and salting services as part of your season’s contract. We offer three salting services; a preventative brine solution, a Canadian-made, environmentally friendly salt, highly touted as the now preferred salting product for airport runways in many countries, and traditional rock salt for problem-ice removal.

Is there a pet-friendly salt for condominium snow removal contracts?

London Snowplow & Landscape knows that condominium owners and tenants care about their pets’ feet in the wintertime. That’s one reason we choose a Canadian engineered and manufactured ice preventative pretreatment, and environmental and pet-friendly salt, JET BLUE ICE FIGHTER.
Our consideration for providing the best snow removal services for our condominium board clients makes us a successful and trustworthy commercial snow plowing and snow removal company in London, ON.

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