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Commercial snow contractors use a formula for pricing commercial snow removal costs. Prices will depend on overhead costs like licenses and insurance, plus the hourly rate for the machine used, the square footage of your parking lot, the salt or preemptive brine used, and the number of times the services are employed. Speak to a trusted commercial snow removal company to get the cost of commercial snow removal.

Why shouldn’t you use a cheap commercial snow removal service?

For a business to remain productive and profitable long-term, its overhead costs must be covered. It is difficult for a new company to be viable, and there is a real enticement to lower prices to get work. 

However, if expenses cannot be met within the pricing, the outlay for those overhead expenditures must be made up somewhere. Unfortunately, the only avenue to gain money must then come from reducing the time spent on the job and lowering the value provided for the client. The consequence of either option is the business’s eventual failure.

It is always better to choose a local commercial snow removal company with a combination of traits and a price that results in a positive outcome for both you and the snow removal company. See London Snowplow & Landscape’s winter services.

New businesses must pay various overhead costs: office rent, property taxes, equipment (loaders, skid steers), insurance and WSIB, permits and licenses, websites and marketing, and vehicle and equipment maintenance. On top of overhead costs, expenses like wages and product materials are paid. 

London Snowplow & Landscape is a local London independent Commercial Snow Removal company. 

Since 2016, they have provided top-rated snow services for their commercial clients: various salting services and snow removal for the parking lots, entries, and walkways for many London, ON condominiums, apartments, and retailers.

Contact Dennis for a no-obligation quote for your commercial property, either online or by phone at (519) 619 0495. 

– “Contact Dennis and his professional team for a job done right.”

Pricing formula for commercial snow removal rates

  • The use of different equipment varies from a snow blower, a skid steer or a large loader, with costs differing for each.
  • The price per hour is established by the equipment price multiplied by the size and site parameters of the parking lot. 
  • Rates for sidewalk snow removal (snow blowing) is determined by multiplying the number of workers by their pay rate, the length of the sidewalk or walkway and the type of salt requested.

The snow services contract will offer property managers or owners a few options

Providing a final price for a snowplow and services contract should include options that a property manager can decide on: 

  • Is the contract priced per visit or a seasonal contract? 
  • The number of inches of snowfall at which you expect a plow to be dispatched. 
  • Does the parking lot need to be accessible only during retail hours, or must it be cleared 24/7?
  • How often would you want sidewalks and entryways cleared and salted?
  • Are you interested in environmentally friendly and paw-safe salt?
  • London Snowplow & Landscape will also remove your snow from the property when needed.

A conscientious and professional company will know where to pile snow to limit the likelihood of slips and falls and will follow the weather patterns to preemptively spread a salting brine that assists the snow removal process by preventing the snow from sticking to the parking lot surface.

London Snowplow & Landscape is here to ensure you and your tenants or customers have a worry-free winter.

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