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To landscape a sloped backyard is a careful undertaking. Planning is a big part of designing your slope. For example, if you want to be able to visit your slope, whether it is an upward or downward slope, you must consider its navigation in a safe manner. 

  • Look at the soil makeup. 
  • Are there retaining walls currently?
  • Will fencing be part of the design?
  • Would you want a deck or pergola somewhere on the slope? 
  • What style of plantings do you envision?
  • Have you considered running electrical for lighting?
  • Has a water feature been a dream of yours? 
  • What is the style of the house? Have you renovated the house? The yard design should match the style of the home.
  • Be prepared for maintenance of your backyard; mulch will help keep down weeds.

We guide the work required to landscape a sloped backyard project. 

At London Snowplow & Landscape, we have provided Londoners with retaining walls, decking, fencing, stonework, walkways, and concrete projects since 2016. Call us at (519) 619 0495 or request a quote online.

Look at the property’s natural drainage when you have a sloped backyard. 

Slopes are natural drainage systems. 

  • You should especially consider your neighbours’ properties when excavating soil. 
  • Your drainage cannot be directed onto their property but instead along the property line.
  • For a downward slope, a swale at the bottom of your property filled with water-loving trees and plants will help diminish possible run-off and erosion.

Determine the slope’s soil structure.

To install retaining walls, walkways or plantings, the soil must be disturbed. Soil erosion must be avoided on a slope, so knowing the soil structure is essential. 

  • Different textures require specific strategies. Soil comprises varying percentages of clay, sand, and silt.
  • Heavy clay is difficult to dig for plantings, walkways, and retaining walls.
  • Sand, conversely, is easy to dig but challenging to keep from eroding.
  • London Snowplow & Landscape uses the proper methods to construct retaining walls, if required, to give you a transformed backyard slope you’ll love. 

Would retaining walls or a terraced area suit your sloped yard?

A slope can affect the stability of a poorly built retaining wall. The soil behind a 4’ tall retaining wall must withstand tons of soil pressure, even more when it is wet. 

  • If a retaining wall exists, has it been built professionally using a mix of sand and pea gravel to allow water filtration? 
  • Was proper drainage incorporated into the wall?
  • A drainage pipe should exist behind it to aid drainage.
  • We can look at the property’s existing structures to ascertain their stability.
  • If an existing wall needs repair or rebuilding, we can help.  

Think about a deck or pergola when you landscape a sloped backyard. 

A yard with a slope is a beautiful opportunity to create an additional seating area providing its own experience. 

  • A deck, patio, or pergola surrounded by plants with a path leading to it allows a stunning focal point on your slope. 
  • Hardscaping should be planned importantly before you decide to bring in plants and trees.

Has a water feature been a dream of yours? 

When soil is being excavated, it is the perfect time to run electrical for a pump and bring in some stones for a beautiful water feature. 

  • Even a minor water feature changes the feel of your slope and people’s moods. 
  • A slope is a natural reason to incorporate a waterfall of any size.
  • Installing a water feature will bring nature to your yard, and everyone will enjoy the calming bubbling sounds of water. 

What is the style of the house? When you landscape a sloped backyard, the yard design should match the style of the home.

  • We provide interlocking stone pathways, a stylish and safe choice for a sloped backyard. 
  • Pea gravel can also be a nice, even a combination of the two.  

We will meet you at the outset of your renovation to discuss your plan and bring samples and product brochures to help you decide on the look. London Snowplow & Landscape is a flexible team that keeps you informed and manages your budget for your sloped backyard project. 

Contact Dennis and his professional team for a job done right.


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